How to make your Meetings Productive

How to make your Meetings Productive

Clarify the Purpose and Aims
You want all attendees on the same page prior to the meeting starting. Circulate the meeting purpose and objectives prior to the meeting. Be clear and conscise. If you can’t describe why you’re holding a meeting in a sentence or two, you probably don’t need to have the meeting.

The meeting purpose should have results-oriented and actionable goals. These should all be specified for the team to understand ahead of time.

This will be the primary reason for holding the meeting.

Create a brief and conscise Agenda
You have already issued the main objective for having the meeting and the agenda will give structure to allow the meeting to meet its end goal.
The agenda should aslo be issued in advance of the meeting being held. Agendas will allow the meeting to stay on track and that the attendees are prepared.

Who needs to be in attendance?
Invite the people that need to be there to reach the end objective. Invite the right people.

Appoint a facilitator
Some one needs to appointed to lead the meeting and review the agenda prior to meeting start and during the meeting reference the agenda and ensure the topics are being covered. The facilitator will endeavour to allow all attendees be a part of the process. This may mean encouraging quieter participtants and assuaging other participtants. Get balanced participtation. The facilator does not have to be the most senior ranked person and sometimes a rotating facilitator can be helpful.

Record the meeting
Recording the meeting details by video, notes etc. It helps with accountability. Action items that arise during the meeting and asign responsibility. Notes should be distributed to the attendees and those that may not have been present but need to be a part of the process.

Start and end the meeting on time
Always begin the meeting on time and while following the agenda be cognisant of the timing to allow the meeting to be completed ontime.

Be strong & assertive
As the meeting progresses adhere to the agenda and be aware of unproductive chit chat. Lead the meeting.

Close the meeting

Finish the meeting with a brief outline of what was discussed and what action plan was developed. Ensure areas of responsibility and action are clear and understood.

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