Exercise and the benefits in your business life

Exercise and the benefits in your business life

Remaining healthy and fit is important through out our lives, but one could suggest even more important for budding entrepreneurs. You must look after yourself first so that you can then look after other people’s needs – be that your team and / or your business clients.

Being an entrepreneur means you must be on top of your game and be mentally sharp with unwavering focus at all times. Because of this you must ensure that your mental and physical health are in top condition, and you are managing your stress well. Stress if not managed can adversely affect your decision-making process and ultimately effect your business success.

Exercise is good for your Memory
Your memory is the filing system for the brain. A study in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience showed that improvements were seen in memory after just six weeks of exercise for 20 minutes daily.

Exercise can have appositive impact on your creativity
Entrepreneurship by its very nature requires thinking outside the box and utilising a business creativity to assist you in achieving positive outcomes in your business journey. Being physically active can ensure that your brain function is healthy. A 2004 Stanford University study found that people who have a daily habit of walking have a higher creative output. This estimation is made in comparison to the individuals who don’t exercise.

Exercise can assist in controlling stress and anxiety
Exercise can help to control anxiety and stress levels. This can lead to a natural confidence in yourself and a self-assured outlook in the business world. A study from the Journal of Health Psychology states that only the simple act of exercising, not fitness itself, can help you be more confident.

Good Entrepreneurs are aware of the important assets in their business, and they should also be aware that your brain and body are important resources on their business journey and should be recognised and managed accordingly.

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