How to make your new year’s resolutions stick

How to make your new year’s resolutions stick

Identify your goals – Clearly identify what your business goals are for the coming year with appropriate timelines. If you have large goals, it is always wise to break these down further to smaller steps that can be ticked off as they are achieved. Start slowly and be consistent.

Make your goals measurable – to ensure that your goals are attainable it is important that you make them specific and measurable. By applying an appropriate measure, you are outlining what goal success looks like.

Be real – make your goals realistic and within reach so that you can remain motivated and ensure that you have the appropriate supports and resources available to achieve your end goals.

Plan – Plan on how you intend to achieve your gaols. Allow that plan to change as required if you have setbacks or indeed get to your first goal sooner than expected.

Be committed – Make commitments to yourself and your team. It can be helpful to have your goals written in some form. Be accountable.

Expect Knockbacks – Be ready to deal with setbacks if things don’t go exactly to plan. Readjust your goals considering what went wrong and get going again.

Reward yourself – Be kind to yourself and your team if goals are reached. Acknowledge success and celebrate.

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