Spring Clean Your Business

Spring Clean Your Business

Declutter your office and workspace
Having a clean uncluttered workspace can help to allow you to be more efficient and productive. Consider removing unnecessary items and excess furniture. Introduce new storage options in your space to categorise and allow ease of access to your required information. Contemplate your workstation. Could it be more appropriately positioned?

Clean your office
A clean office space reflects on your and your team and more importantly visiting clients. A clean space to work in can positively impact on productivity, health, and wellbeing. Is it time to get that office carpet deep cleaned or even replaced?

Update your web platform and social media
Spring is a natural time to update your blog posts, web platform landing pages. Trawl through your social media and ensure that al the company details are correct and up to date and reflecting where your company is right now. Ensure that all aligns with your brand image which can create a linked exposure on all platforms.

Tidy your finances
As we progress through Spring it is a great time to have a look at your finances. Chase down those outstanding invoices. Update your expenses. Do a spend analysis and cut out unwanted expenditure.

Clear out your emails
The average worker receives 121 e mails daily. Spring is a good time to sort out what is important and what is not. This is a task that can be completed over time and hit that unsubscribe buttons for all those unwanted inbox mails.

Pull out your business plan
Things are continually changing in the world of business and to be successful you must also change. Your business plan should grow and evolve as the market changes. Now is a good time to look it over and update the content to ensure it remains relevant.

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