Wellbeing Tips to help you through the Holiday Period

Christmas wellbeing tips

Keep Your Healthy Habits
Maintaining healthy habits during the holiday season will be one of your best defences against stress. This may mean getting sufficient sleep, eating healthy and staying physically active.

Be Realistic
Get comfortable with the idea that you don’t have to do and commit to everything and everything does not have to be perfect.

Don’t Over Commit
Be fair to yourself! Do what is most important to you or go where you most want to go and allow yourself to say no to other demands on your time.

Reach Out

For some feelings of isolation and loneliness can spike between October and January. Look for ways to be more social in your community such as volunteering.

Get out in the daylight and sunshine if it is available!!
Sunlight offers a feel-good burst of serotonin. Also, the repetition of and rhythm of walking can aid relaxation.

Focus on the Little Things

The holiday season can seem full of big changes so focus on little things that can help you relax. Listen to your favourite music, take some time away from your phone.

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