What is one piece of advice you will always remember?

Advice you'll always remember

“What brought you success in the past may not bring you success in the future”
Sometimes we receive a piece of information that sticks with us through our business and personal journeys. It’s that bit of information or one liner that is quietly in the background guiding and assisting to form your thoughts, ideas and decision making.
For me the piece of information that has stayed with me for more than 30 years came from an early innovator / entrepreneur, (although not referred to as such at the time) that had a great way of seeking out and finding change and embracing the opportunities that that change may present. The other attributes in this gentleman’s possession were hard working, no fear of failure, Innovative, creative, and always surrounded himself by experts in the areas that were not naturally his strengths. He would regularly acknowledge he was always learning. 

This little one liner has guided me on my path to embrace change and seek out the opportunities that that change can bring. 

Have a think and see what the one piece of advice is is that you will always remember! 

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